The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


By: Ahmed M. EL NAHAS – Italy, November 23rd, 2011.

It sounded more like a defying threat, rather than an empowering promise. That is the impression I have had while following the carefully written “address”, yet poorly delivered by an expired Field Marshall Tantawy, to the angry and desperately unemployed youth decided to continue to roar all over the country hoping that one day someone or somebody would hear and listen to their reasons, without shamelessly turning the other side avoiding to hear their moans from the floods of purple streaming along the streets of Egypt.
They are socially frustrated, economically devastated and hopelessly lacking trust for a better future; and yet the Field Marshall appears on unified national networks to say exactly what they didn’t wish to hear.. The same void speeches they were born under their pounding spells and rigidly observed rituals; comprising of the following endless défilé of “experts”, whom in my humble opinion are not much of experts, would exhibit their “Narcissism” on the same screens while chewing some mysterious gray words, of which even they don’t know the real meaning; then shamelessly cash some money, our money, and return happily to their homes without bothering to “address” the substantial merit of the issue.
An issue that, I have already kept explaining ever since I decided to leave the country back in the late nineties of last century, when I started analysing various CFR reports on “Political Instability in Egypt”.. The nucleus of that issue, just in case that you forgot, is  the definition of our Republic!
If we insist on being a “Presidential Republic”, instead of a modern “Democratic Parliamentary Republic”, then we are definitely in bound to procuring another dictator. We tried it for 60 years and here we are at square one, with exactly the very same unrests as in the forties after WWII, which led to the 1952 military Coup d’Étât. Will it need a century for us to understand its demerits and hazards?
Once a Republic is deprived from a solid “Permanent Constitution” voted and approved by all political fractions, social movements, institutions and organisations, and protected by an “Independent Legislative Authority” under a vigilant “Transparent Free Press”, then its destiny is doomed and damned.
The set of priorities as presented by that Field Marshall, head of the ruling “Supreme Council of the Armed Forces”, and easily swallowed by most if not all the “Professional Political Parties”, are shuffled in a way to serve certain private gains in concert with high foreign concerns only interested in Egypt’s total submission to an imposed agenda that has nothing to do with the people’s grieves. That is why all those handsome and well groomed faces appearing on the screens, keep preaching the necessity to go to the elections in a couple of weeks span on purpose, so that we get ambushed in the same “Poacher’s Trap” once again, after which they will collect and cash the cheques.
The day after we may wake up euphorically happy thinking that we have scored the points for an “Historic Peaceful Victory” over a strong giant opponent, though not realizing that the headache we think is a hang-over from last night festivities is simply the result from that vicious “Knock-Out” we received and that we have already lost the encounter.
Going to vote with such a “Porcellum” called Electoral Law will produce nothing but a crippled Parliament with no real “Monitor and Control” powers over the Executive, and we will have once more our Dictator, in suit or in uniform.
Do you really believe that  such crippled creature born to that kind of law could furnish a “Solid Permanent Constitution” designed for a “Free Democratic Parliamentary Sovereign Republic”?
Good Morning Isramerica!

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