The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Will the Inverse Proportion remain the common denominator of the Arab/European equation?

The late sixties of last century have presented the end of an epoch of equal leverage balancing the complexity labeling the relations of interests binding together the Arab nation(s) and the politically self declared “Free World” (the mutant heir of the Colonial Empires). In peace and war, from the early Crusades, only political and economic interests kept that equation structured upon a solid “Direct Proportion” foundations.
As time went by, things have changed and so the very basis of that equation. The more the Western science and technology sour high, the more the Arabs’ plunge into the depth of the ignorance abyss; the West profits mark the Arab losses; the West supremacy declare the Arab vulnerability, and so on!! If this is still the rule, then the present Arab rise against social injustices, corruption and tyranny  should equal in a Western decline.
Here should rise an obvious question: are we witnessing any sign of that?
The answer is: NO! But also YES!!??!!

The “NO” part is concerned with what appears from the day to day western life style. As unemployment and precariousness became the norms, new working habits and social costumes appeared obliging society to accept what it previously have denied. Now we are getting used to terms like: part-time, unregistered employment (working without contract), flexibility, mobility, and a lot more new inventions leading to molding citizens into new patterns of social behaviour, and labour relations, regardless of the fact that such patterns impose consequently and always the absence of ethics. Everything’s accepted just make money. To pay your debts!

So they are still enjoying their holidays, they travel, buy new things, they are happy and satisfied even if they see their savings shrinking day after day, thus opening the gap between rich and poor wider making the upper classes of society richer, and pushing the middle class down the ladder of wealth towards certain permanent poverty.

Of course the above sketch, slowly but surely, would eventually lead to the “YES” part of our answer. The devastating events of last year which burnt the ‘Banlieues’ in France, forcing Sarkozy to deploy the entire army reserves to “…calm things down, assume control of the situation and bring life back to normal”, were just the prelude to what we are now witnessing in countries like Greece, Spain, England, and Israel.

The images, footages, speeches, slogans and news are all the same, they may differ only in colours, language, means or coverage; but the ends are all identically equal: they all plea for social justice, they demand the security of a job, they ask for fighting the epidemical spreading of an unscrupulous corruption that is crippling their country’s economy, they hope for a peaceful life liberated from fears and doubts.

Yet they were all confronted with violence, with easy triggers, and with red eyed agents applying to the letter all what they know about the firm hands and fists of a failing system surviving only by its self preservation engine. But the most important aspect in that scenery, is that all the insurgents are captives behind the high walls of certain lies and uncertain future.

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