The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Is there anything worse than working on one foot, never knowing if and when to rest and lean on the other?.. If ever permitted?
Ahmed M.EL NAHAS – August 2011

Globalized world requests continuously different employment credentials than what an average individual can offer in terms of experiences, studies and specializations skills. Globalization prophets would say: “We must answer to the challenges of globalization”.
Consequently a strange phenomena materializes, with no valid explanation(s) or humanly acceptable rational, in a shape where everything becomes lesser and smaller.. Your values, your weight, the importance of your know-how, the pay, the desire or the necessity of having you for a certain post or function!?! Such phenomena has the characteristic of hitting randomly: while studying, or working and giving the best one can, to meet the expectations and become more qualified for an upper grade on the ladder of a career which prospects are fading away day after day. The explanations which are frequently preached, sometimes are gently discouraging, but most of the time are bluntly despising. Either way, they follow different trails surprisingly leading to the very same end that can be recognized through the following unmistakable and repeated aspects: Labour discredit, Wealth accumulation and Poverty increase!”.
Take the case of a model enterprise that suddenly blows off revealing its true fraudulent nature for inside trading, and burning in flames billions of dollars worth of share holders’ savings and laying off thousands of employees.. Or maybe the enterprise remains a profitable model though sells out its manpower force together with its product in a single ‘all inclusive’ package, as the case of many telecommunications international firms.. Even worse, to sell out a well functioning enterprise, having a positive balance honouring a large portfolio of contracts and providing fat benefits, through a complicated series of ownership handovers in order to keep the firm existing and operating but as well to keep the top completely unknown so that no one, neither the interested nor the law, could be able to identify the owner.. No one can say for certain who really bears the civil or the penal liabilities!
And there is the famous “Delocalization”: where a successful firm closes in a place (pointA), and transfers to a “more opportune productive environment”, (pointB)! Opportune for whom? Definitely not for those left behind jobless at point ‘A’, along with their families; or those in point ‘B’ obliged to accept a long awaited job, that finally came to take off the ‘unemployed’ tag stuck on their fronts, even knowing it provides nothing except low pay wrapped up with no legal or social coverage to preserve their human dignity and that of their dear ones.
Pondering over that for a while, one would understand the only valid definition of what’s going on in that “Globalized World”: lesser pay for the worker, lesser funds for the producer, lesser work for who’s searching for it, lesser healthcare for the sick, lesser school education for the younger ones, lesser search for the adequately prepared, lesser resources for the ‘Sovereign’ states, and then.. Guess what? Bankruptcy! ‘Halleluiah’..  Would then joyfully cry out the “World Bank” and the “International Monetary Fund” will follow with its usual refrain ‘Amen’.
Here, inevitably, jumps ahead a gigantic contradiction: the world is very rich, and never was richer as such! But the new “Globalized Free Market” loose and uncontrolled trends gave birth to hundreds, if not thousands,  versions of “Madoff”, not from a technical perspective but rather as a philosophy; in the absence, or complicity if you like, of the world’s monetary and financial authorities constantly protecting the accumulated and exported fortunes, and as such are shifting all the consequent burdens over those who continue to work less and always gain lesser not knowing for sure the reason to serve such a continuous cruel sentence!
Knowing that if miraculously they would find any working engagement, the already crushed unemployed must agree to “Take or Leave” offers to carry out shifts of at least 11 hours for 6 days a week with the pay of 8 working hours for 5 days a week and for a determined time, to be defined in a sort of an agreement or intentions letter and endorsed by a pre-signed dateless resignation “for personal reasons”!! (obviously we’re not talking about a binding contract, as such would require leveled negotiation edges between parties, which are totally absent in such a case).
Now they are selling a new hypocrisy which they name: “Pain Caucus”! Committee for the Sufferance! As explained by Mr. Paul Krugman, the Nobel for Economy and brilliant journalist of the New York Times in his article of June 13th, he said: “…members of this committee possess some fantasy..  Always finding new ways for safeguarding huge fortunes aside under the protection of the monetary and financial institutes and authorities, who continue to impose more sever and harsh measures over the workers to the point of defeating and depriving an entire nation”. That’s precisely what happened in Greece.. Others, in Europe, certainly will follow for the majority of third world countries have already drank that cocktail to the very last drop.
Mr. Paul Krugman is not a left wing street activist, he has the entire Princeton University’s Economy College kneeling at his feet.

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