The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

No way back.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Pisa, October 15th 2014
At this point, I fear that there will be no turning back.. We have already regressed into another Tribal Era! Just consider, and try to answer this question: in a relatively short lap of time, into how many fragments, groups, clans,  movements, cults, sects our Arab societies have been torn?
The reasons for such a division why don’t matter, because the fact remains: we have been divided FOREVER. Period. And the phenomena is worsening. Let me give you a practical example by simply analysing the latest news related to this present conflict involving the Fertile Crescent; today newspapers brought the following:
“The killers from the White Shrouds against the Black Flags of ISIL”! All the articles related to the subject explain that a new Syrian militia, (about 300 fighting units) formed from the ex-brigades that still fight Assad’s army, calling itself “The White Shrouds” (Arabic ﺃﻜﻓﺎﻦ in reference to the white cotton tissue in which Muslims wrap the dead after washing and before burial), is showing its capability of being more lethal and more cruel than the ISIL itself, by committing frequent decapitations and crucifixions against the ISIL warriors, all along the Syrian/Turkish borders.
What’s complicating the situation is the nature of each group: The White Shrouds are completely and exclusively Syrian Muslim fighters, while the ISIL militias are formed mainly by foreigners. Moreover, the White Shrouds have joint forces with other radical groups like “The Phantom Brigades” and the “Death Angels” brigades; having the same scope, they have already ambushed, killed and mutilated hundreds of the ISIL Sunni fighters. They have only one operational problem: the Western Coalition Air Raids are complicating their work!
Now, objectively speaking, when in time the dust shall settle in a year or in a century; what shall be the socio-geo-political structure of the entire region? Who will be able to unite not only Sunni to Shi’ì, but as well Hezb’Allah to Saraya Al Qods to Hamas to Fatah to the Muslim Brotherhood to Ansar Beit Al Maqdis to the White Shrouds to the Phantom Brigades to the Death Angels brigades to Al Qaeda to Boko Haram to Abu Sayyaf Brigades to the Curds to the Yazidis to the Christians to the Copts….etc???!!!
No one.. For each of these fragments will continue attracting, or recruiting, followers and supporters to form in the end a complex multitude of separated tribes in continuous conflict among each other over… Actually I don’t know exactly over what!
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