The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

In the name of a Divine Justice!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, October 22nd 2014.
What kind of mental preparation is needed so that a person could slit the throat of another human being? What could be the nature of the faith by which a human being would despise another human being to the point of committing such barbarous act? Let us examine for a moment the mechanism of what ‘they’ preach as being ‘Justice by The Order Of Allah’!
What we’ve seen in the past decade or so on many TV screens, and on YouTube; was a man who uses a 10 or 12 inch sharp blade knife to cut clean the head of another hand-cuffed kneeling man apart from the body!! Even with the sharpest blade ever, it would take the assassin few long terrible moments to finish the job.. Not like the guillotine or the executioner’s sword that takes only a second to end the agony of a helpless person.
So, back to the initial interrogative.. How is it possible to convince an intelligent mature individual (assuming that  intelligent and mature are the case) that such a criminal act is JUSTICE? Not just that, but as well it is a justice ordered by GOD!! There is not any satisfactory answer that I could objectively find*.. Anyway, on one hand, it requires the most sophisticated techniques of exposure to the most advanced “Behaviour Modification” and “Guerrilla Warfare” programmes; but on the other hand it needs the expertise of a clever recruiter to know from which river, sea or ocean to pick his fish, and from which school of fish to choose!
Our societies (Arab, Muslim, African, Asian, even Western societies) are those rivers, seas and oceans that are filled with large schools of similar fish waiting to be picked up, recruited, trained and sent to the front.. Any front.. There are tens of millions of frustrated, unemployed, envious, depressed, desperate, indifferent and disoriented individuals; mostly ignorant and in majority unaware of their own root culture.. Belonging to every social class.. Most of whom were raised since childhood to accept the mingling of tradition onto religion without questioning, hence becoming vulnerable to any social, economic or cultural intrusion.
By adding to the equation: Money and strong Finance, you’ll get the most brilliant recruiting expert, and the extremely capable trainers or tutors, and even mentors, for delivering the sophisticated techniques of “Behaviour Modification” and “Guerrilla Warfare” programmes. A flock of hired mercenaries whom are not interested in faith or ideology.. They work for gold.. Characters that have always existed all throughout human history; and mostly in our region! 
So, if I may suggest it, be just, firm and vigilant on your sons and daughters while educating them how to separate tradition from religion.. And how to identify and clear faith from the mist of folklore, myths and legends; and try nicely to recommend the same to your friends and neighbours so that none of them, or their dear ones, would turn into those fish splashing their innocence in the muddy rivers of mediocrity.

And may peace be upon you if they refused or even abruptly rejected you and your “blasphemy”!! For you have just did your part before your own conscience and before God.

Pass On The Word.
*Because even in the Holy Koran itself we can only find the suggestion (severely conditioning its use only in war and never against civilians or defenceless prisoners of war; or in the QESSAS, to execute a killer) to “…hit their necks…”!! Hit not slit.. Simply because slitting was an ancient pagan practice used to deliver human sacrifices to divinities.. Islam forbad all that.  

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