The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

An Acquittal worse than Guilt.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, April 20th 2013.

Citizen Hosni Mubarak is on trial/re-trial before a Civil Courts’ Tribunal, facing the vague and feeble charge of  “killing protesters” during the January/February 2011 popular protests. The General Prosecutor’s latest accusation acts did not accurately specify the number of victims, the whereabouts of the crimes, or the concrete documented proofs of Mubarak’s direct involvement in each case.. That’s why from day one I demonstrated¹ how wrong it was to celebrate this trial by means of the ordinary Criminal Law and before Civil Courts in such a hurry, and without taking the necessary care for building a solid case to be tried before a “Special Revolutionary Court” and according to Emergency Laws.
The offenses committed by the toppled ex ruler were not just that fragile accusation of conspiracy to commit multiple murders, which could be dissolved by a mere “I didn’t know, for was under treatment”, or worse even “they have deliberately disobeyed my orders to not harm a single hair from any citizen”; for the list is that long so it’ll need a full truck load to contain its related files; only if we would have a Public Prosecutor bold enough to open the closed drawers and honest enough to do the right thing.. Because ‘his’ criminal activities started ever since he was the young Colonel General Hosni Mubarak, the man commanding the Egyptian Air Defence Forces.
That man should’ve been tried for:
“Clandestine association with foreign intelligence agencies, High Treason, Conspiring in the plot to assassinate President Anwar ESSADAT, Bribery, Office Abuse, Betrayal to the Oath of the Presidency, Breach of the Constitution, Appropriation and Embezzlement, Criminal Associations for proper interests (Business Monopolies), Corruption, Mismanaging Egyptian Public Resources, Profiteering from Public Assets’ devaluation for the purpose of Privatisation, allowing Torture as an Interrogation Tool in civil financial and military institutions, Illegal arms trade, Recycling and Laundering money on behalf of foreign intelligence agencies, Crippling Egypt’s Economy by deliberately increase the national debts through more unjustified loans, Smuggling Foreign Currencies out of the country to Financial Havens…Etc”..
I told you the list is long, and of course the sub-entries under each of these counts will render it endless; as such each count could be celebrated in a separate Class Action before the Revolutionary Court in the name of the Egyptian People; and that’s how ‘he’ would’ve never had the chance to see another daylight, instead of being honoured in a five star cell, saluted by the prison guards and officials, regularly receiving his personal barber to dye his all white hair, and a lot of other provocations which are all confirming that “…all citizens are not equal before the law”.
Under the pre-packaged court motivations for ‘his’ expected acquittal, for “..lack of evidence and prevailing of uncertainties”, I fear  that ‘he’ will be granted a house arrest as a first step before allowing him to travel abroad for urgent and delicate medical care (also paid by us I’m afraid); where he and his family will live forever after in a luxurious jet set easy life enjoying our money.. The money they have stacked for years confidently inside the vaults of foreign banks and foreign assets! Other than “I was always devoted and have given many sacrifices for this country and for the welfare of the people”.
Anyhow, if you disagree with me, I beg of you a look at the following passages from Mr. Joseph TRENTO’s² book; it may enlighten you about ‘his’ “Motive and Opportunity” to commit at least 6 counts including High Treason, Illegal Arms Trade, Conspiracy to commit a political assassination, Collusion with Foreign Intelligence Agencies, Bribery, Appropriation and Office Abuse.. Three of which would guarantee the Capital Sentence.
Joseph Trento's book, "Prelude to Terror: The Rogue CIA and the Legacy of America's Private Intelligence Network," published in 2005, does provide more details of the operation that engineered the secret arms shipments to Iran by George H. W. Bush (Bush Sr.), William (Bill) Casey, and their loyalists inside the CIA and Carter's National Security Council.
According to Trento, the private CIA weapons smuggling operation, which had been centered at a number of Washington locations, was factionalised between Arabists like Wilson, and pro-Israelis like his erstwhile colleagues Ted Shackley and Thomas Clines.
Wilson apparently knew that if he ever tried to conduct any operations in the Arab Middle East without the knowledge of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency would have him killed immediately.
Wilson continued to establish his network of secret CIA weapons smuggling entities. One was set up under the name of the former CIA station chief in Tripoli, Brigadier General J. J. Cappucci, Cappucci was able to smuggle out to Egypt Idris' top financial adviser, Egyptian General Kamal Hassan Ali. General Ali would soon end up as President Anwar Sadat's Defense Minister.
The 1978 Camp David peace accords between Egypt and Israel provided a potential windfall for the CIA's private weapons smuggling network.
Anticipating the arms business with Egypt, Shackley and Clines established under Clines, the Egyptian American Transport and Services Company (EATSCO)
Trento wrote: "Through Israeli intelligence sources in Libya, the CIA had the memo Ed Wilson had written to Qaddafi's military security on May 12, 1981, detailing his activities in Egypt through EATSCO."
He also documented that NSA had several intercepts showing that EATSCO's chief, Hussein Salem, had gone directly from Egyptian intelligence to the EATSCO/TERSAM operation. TERSAM, a Panamanian company, was designated in 1987 as the sole shipping agent for Egypt in a sweetheart deal.
Trento’s documentation show that EATSCO was, meanwhile, shipping arms to the Afghan mujahidin through the cover of its Egyptian business deals. One of the expediters was R. G. Hobelman Shipping Company of Baltimore. With enough baksheesh to go around in Egypt, old Soviet-supplied Egyptian military equipment was being sent to the Afghan mujahidin via Saudi Arabia and Iraq and being replaced with new American military hardware. All of this ultimately implicated, according to Trento, Egyptian Vice President Hosni Mubarak, whose cronies were very involved in the weapons smuggling operation. According to Trento’s revealed CIA documents, Mubarak and other top Sadat ministers were CIA assets. The man who managed the CIA's assets in Cairo was William Buckley.
Sadat's people had conducted an audit of the EATSCO/TERSAM contracts and found serious problems with overcharging and unaccounted-for sums of money. Sadat's investigation became worrying to Mubarak, Casey, and the entire covert aid network to the Afghans.
On October 6, 1981 Sadat's CIA-trained security force seemed to step aside as armed military members shot Sadat in his reviewing stand. Mubarak never complained about the CIA-trained security force taking no action to prevent Sadat's assassination!!!..
I can’t help thinking about other players acting the same corrupt play.. The advantaged cast, which for decades have gathered tight together to constitute a false and uneducated Élite (a joint political/business Aristocracy), responsible for degrading the country and offering it as an easy prey to the claws of a ferocious dictatorship under the deceptive pretext of “Stability for Development”..
I think about the long queue of Pseudo Politicians, Power Climbers, Intellectual Mercenaries and Social Parasites; meddlers from the worst type, those who unscrupulously made their fortunes, and safely deposited them off-shore of course, at the expense of the collectivity. Accumulating huge proper profits with private interests by depriving the silent majority of the population from the basic necessities to live a decent human existence.. A population which has been denied its essential Human and Civil Rights.. A population that was already crushed by the grinding machine of Corruption obliging it to live in  Poverty, Ignorance, Unemployment and Illegality.
Nevertheless we can’t overlook the dubious roles played by the post revolution ruling bodies of Egypt, participating in the country’s overall decay.. The hesitations of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.. The reluctance of the Brotherhood.. The silence and misinformation of the Media.. The inexperienced Presidency who’s unfit to rule.. The inexplicable controversial  performance of the Magistrate.. The absence of Al Azhar.. The weakness of the Government.. The harmonised activities orchestrated by/for the Counter Revolutionary Lobbies.. The Delocalisation of Productive Businesses to other destinations.. The official adoption of Interest Capitalism instead of reinstating Production Capitalism.. The fractioned and disoriented opposition.. The unlawful practices of all Security Forces..
All of which are persistently acting for the same objective, and that is (a) to divide the Egyptian population onto small different insignificant and defenceless realities; (b) to be thrown down into an arena where armed cruel streets thugs are sovereign; (c) to be offered to greedy stock exchange market speculators, so they can get richer by devouring the savings and transfers of expatriated Egyptian manpower working in far lands where modern slavery’s labour trends are the main money maker; and (d) to wrap the entire nation into the thick layers of the terror from insecurity.        
A revolution that does not clean its path, and settle all pending accounts with its rotten past, to pave the way for the better future it burst up for in the first place; could only be worthy of being called a riot, a rebellion or an uprising.. There is a price to be paid in order to deserve the revolutionary title and earn its merits for change.. We didn’t pay that price.. That’s why instead we shall dearly pay the consequences.
Pass On The Word.

¹in my article entitled “Where is our Nüremberg?” dated August 3rd 2011 on my blog

²Joseph Trento has worked for CNN's Special Assignment Unit, the Wilmington News Journal.

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