The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blown like ash in the wind!!

After few months of silence through which I enjoyed some peaceful moments with my family and friends, and participating in the vote; I decided to write down these few lines to think out loud, because what's been going on is very disturbing to a man of my age who's watching helplessly his hopes and dreams fade away like ash in the wind.

Imagine yourself watching a game of soccer (football) live on TV along with your family and friends, gathered around some fresh fruits and soft drinks to enjoy the sport regardless of whom is supporting who hoping to spend a pleasant and peaceful afternoon among friends.. Five minutes after the starting whistle blow the REFEREE decided on his own to change the rules of the game as to:
  • cancel the OFF SIDE article from the book of regulations,
  • dismiss the linemen,
  • reduce the playing time,
  • cancel the PENALTY terms,
  • expell the press reporters out of the sradium,
  • order the rival teams trainers and administrators to remain in the dressing rooms, and
  • impose his decision on the final result as to declare the winner..!!..
Apart from your useless anger, would you still consider that person an objective "Judge"?? I beleive the answer should be "NO".. An objective impartial judge must never exercise dictatorship, manipulation, threat or imposition of wrongdoings.. Don't you think??

Well that's exactly what SCAF have done thoughout the past sixteen months. Just rewind the documented material from February 11th 2011 till now and you'll give me every reason in the world.

And to make the full circle in that regard; did SCAF reacted as such only to preserve the gains of the ultra conservative institution it represents: The Armed Forces. Gains accumulated through the years from 1952 in terms of political and economic power and wealth???? Or there could be something else behind the steady tactic adopted by SCAF to drive the nation into a swamp of rotten waters and quick sands infected by flocks of hungry allegators, parasits and insects.. Something that is far above the considerations of Independance, Social Justice, Freedom and Democracy???

I don't have the answer to such interrogatives.. But I do know that SCAF's actions are seen as to ensure and guarantee the indispensable continuity of a system well radicated and founded on preserving the vital Strategic Interests of foreign regional and international powers.

I do feel sorry for our newly elected President.. He's sitting on a chair of nails without even an underwear to protect his a.......!!!!!

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