The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Friday, 10 February 2012

They remained silent because they were all guilty.

By: Ahmed M. EL NAHAS – Montopoli February 10th 2012.

The British Minister of Environment, Mr. Chris Huhne, resigned his office because of a traffic fine.
Tomorrow will mark exactly one year since the overthrown dictator reluctantly abdicated the Egyptian throne to his Ex top 007, following the silent sneaky “Military Coup-d’Étât”!
For almost 60 years an avalanche of politicians, ministers, mayors, administrators, political parties, parliament delegates (I dare not say people’s representatives and you know why), most of the national public sector chairmen and national press chief editors, even labour unions and syndicate leaders; all knew the true nature of the ill doings planed behind the walls of the presidential palace, to be cooked at the ruling party’s kitchen in order to be wrapped ready for consumption under the “Permanently Ready For a Yes” Parliament’s Dome.
They were paid somehow for their silence.. Paid by favours, bribes, positions, jobs for family members, gifts, promotions, exaggerated income raises, official trips abroad for fun or shopping, health care abroad, monopolies, business deals…etc. All that as per  the classic golden rule in the code of thieves: “Eat as much as you want, and for as long as you wish.. But never look at my plate”.
In a way or another they are all in it to the neck, and they must be punished for the severe harm and damage they procured to the nation.. Living like pimps on the sweat of the honest tax payers, and blowing up their fortunes on the expense of the ever impoverished population.
You may ask me: “If you’re so intelligent Mr. Wisebrain, what do you think we, the helpless ones, can do?”
Here is the only answer I have my dear friends
Will we ever be able to establish a special commission or a permanent task force to track them down, in and out of bounds, and bring them to “Justice” one by one?
Will we ever see their haves confiscated to the benefit of the people?
Will we ever see such a day?
In my opinion, the answer seem obvious:
“The hope for such a day will tickle our imagination only If the ongoing present trials could bring JUSTICE.. Total undisputed and absolute JUSTICE”.
Pass On The Word.

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