The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Blood Carpet.

By: Ahmed M. EL NAHAS – Montopoli February 2nd 2012.
Once again the fog is getting denser.. And, just like any beginner inexperienced driver, we tend to hit the front light not knowing that it would simply worsen the vision, rendering the situation more complex and hazardously dangerous; multiple casualties tragic accidents have begun that way.
Yesterday, Wednesday February 1st 2012, I sadly watched the news on TV talking about tens of innocent victims to an apparent football opposing clubs’ fans quarrelsome skirmishes; I immediately understood that they were savagely sacrificed on purpose in order to drive us blindly into hitting each other violently, making way for the classic primitive instinct of vengeance to become the judge and the executioner, powered only by an out of control blood thirsty ignorant rage.
The masterminds of such cruelty, whomever they may be; have meticulously orchestrated a range of events in a way that does not leave room for doubtful shades of coincidental occurrence:
a) They have chosen the time and place very carefully to ignite what they hope to become an “Irrevocable Chain Reaction”; after the unprecedented smashing victory of Islamic oriented political parties in the late free legislative elections. A victory that seem threatening the strategic interests of certain “Reactionary Forces” long time in flagrant collusion with particular “Foreign States”;
b) they made sure to flare the spark of rage at a football match between two popular teams representing two rival cities, thus ensuring the participation of tens of thousands of enthusiast fans from both sides who can be easily driven into violence by simple “Mass Manipulation Techniques”;  
c) they also ensured that the security forces doesn’t raise any prior alarm, though  lots of signs suggested that something is boiling in the pot, and does not raise a finger to stop or prevent the fast precipitating situation from becoming the tragedy that we witnessed on the screens;
d) they knew that whatever happens afterwards will not ease the already strained tensions, it will serve more their undeclared, yet obvious, aims to regain control of power and resources because:
·         The “Legislator” (Parliament) can only nominate some “Investigative Commissions” that, after consuming some precious time, will come up with some sterile recommendations, but will not be able to oblige the “Executive” (Government) to adopt measures and pursue indictments.
·         The Government will remain helpless, in the absence of an elected “President”, who is by function and definition the only constitutional impartial “Executive Body” able to transform the parliaments recommendations into obliging and applicable decrees.
·         The national and international press agencies and free mass communications media, will drown the public in useless and more damaging “Talk Shows”, out of which a complicated contradictory information will be defused and dispatched here and there disorienting the population and widening the gaps separating the nation and dividing it into weakened fragments easy to attract to one side or the other.. Just like sport fans sects: angry, selfish and fanatically extremists.
For now they are standing by watching patiently, and closely, for the expected outcome of their plan:
“to provide for an accelerated domino effect, that should smash the population into a multitude of small bits of sectarian fragments, having nothing in common but hatred towards one another, mistrust in one another and fear from one another. That alone should bring the entire country to the brink of civil war”.
Then both the legislator as well as the executive along with the opposition minority forces, all will be obliged to concede to SCAF’s “Suggestion” to reactivate in full the “Emergency Laws”. So that the cycle of terror and tyranny will flourish out of the fertile territory that “THEY” prepared and seeded carefully over the past twelve months making sure that an incapable, incompetent and unaware “Political Élite” would still remain on stage.
Having said that, and in order to better identify the true identity of “THEY”, let’s ponder for a while over the matter in a rational way, trying to find a logical answer to this question: “Who’s to benefit the most?”..
As you know, in such schemes there is never a definite abstract truth out of which one may deduct a decisive conclusion for an answer.. Simply because they were planned in the first place to be that dark, foggy and unidentifiable.. Remember JFK’s assassination.. Sadat’s Murder.. Arafat’s death???
So, one can only imagine and extract conclusions.. I’d say “THEY” could be one or all of the following:  
·         Mubarak’s system profiteers and supporters in the first place, because they have everything to lose; having for decades accumulated power topped by fortunes of corruption money and recycled treasures.
·         The Military Institution, now represented by SCAF, because such an ultra conservative institution will not allow anything or anyone to loosen its firm grip over the nation’s sorts.
·         And, of course, the “Israelo-American” strong lobby, because it must secure its many vital strategic interests in the area, by keeping Egypt paralysed as long as possible, if not by corruption and subservient dictatorial terror, then let it be by a fierce Civil War.
A conflict of pure insanity, lots of casualties and without a shade of any noble objective or a practical end, except being a mean to tear down the nation into small separated pieces and for a very long time. Thus making way for the entry of the Hollywood style “White Man” saviour who liberates the helpless people from their own fears, so that they would cheer his victorious march in glory over a carpet as long as the Nile and wide as the desert.. A carpet hand made by the many widows and orphans left behind over the years.
A “Blood Carpet”.
Our own blood.. Who else if not?
Pass On The Word.   

P.S.: As I finished writing down these lines, came the naïf news that the Egyptian ‘nominated’ Prime Minister Ganzoury fired the Football Federation President. As if he’s the only responsible for the tragedy.. As if he overcharged the volatile emotions of the fans and paid hired thugs to guide the fan ultras to commit what we all saw on TV screens.. As if he furnished those mercenaries with clubs, knives, chains, smoke candles and fire crackers.. As if he paid them out his own pocket tens of thousands of Egyptian Pounds to do what they were paid to do.. As if we will not find out that they were paid to provide a reason for the Blood Carpet.

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