The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Social Seismic Events.

Excerpts from Mr. Vittorio Zucconi’s “Warning to the White House”.
Translated by: Ahmed M. ElNahas – Montopoli, April 30th 2015.
Dear Friends,
I have chosen for you today few paragraphs from an impressive article published on yesterday’s edition of ‘La Repubblica’ simultaneously with the ‘Guardian’, in which Mr. Zucconi is trying to comprehend what is really going on in an “Intestinal War” that could overwhelm the entire American society.. The kind of war(s)* that Uncle Sam have already engineered and exported towards many parts of our planet.
a)      “It is absolutely futile saying whether what occurred in Baltimore last Monday night could be another ground settling tremor of the same earthquake or the aggravation of the same social and racial seism; indeed because the geologic metaphor should be applied to what is happening at the Urban War Front. Where under the crust of Racial Pacification, beneath the strong and evident flourishing of a New Social Class of successful Afro-Americans that, right here in Washington with President Obama and in Baltimore with Mayor Stephanie Blake, the Tectonic Plaques of hate and incomprehension continue to press one against the other producing periodic, yet inevitable, stirring movements”.
b)      “The success attributed to new social classes of Afro-Americans, together with other advancing populations of Latinos and Asian recent emigrants, has made it more splitting the condition of those who have lost the train of opportunities forged from the great battle for Civil Rights back in the 60s and 70s of last century”.
c)      “The desperate sense of being condemned to remain at the bottom of the social barrel, not important by own or others’ responsibility, renders every contact with the harsh and immediate expression of Power, for those castaways and refugees of the Ethnic Revolution, a confirmation to Inequity by now entrusted to the ones who seem, but aren’t anymore, Brothers and Sisters of the Colour”.
d)      “Nothing could be more atrocious then feeling emarginated not by the usual bad slaver, but by one’s own equals.. In those Cotton Fields that today have been turned into Cement Deserts”.
Pass On The Word.
*The present US social conflict is still contained within an ETHNIC perspective and haven’t yet reached the Civil War event; while elsewhere the nature of the conflict has turned out to be a Civil War type reasons of which vary from Ethnic to Sectarian to Religious to Doctrinal to Cultural to Social to Economic..


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