The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Selected by: Ahmed M. ELNAHAS – Montopoli, Novenber 9th 2014.
1)    Pink Floyd reloaded.
The release of “The Endless River” this week marks 20 years since the recording of ‘The Division Bell’ in 1994. David Gilmour and Nick Mason were working over this project for the past two years, their work came out with a colossal 18 pieces album divided into 4 instrumental suites and one song “Louder Than Words” interpreted by Gilmour and written by his wife Polly Samson.
The album’s music was the fruit of rearranging 20 hours of Pink Floyd’s unfinished sessions of improvisations that were recorded back in 1994 during the making of The Division Bell, and never inserted or published before.
By this work Gilmour and Mason are giving one last tribute to the art of Richard Wright, their co-Pink Floyd founder friend and organist who passed away in 2008. A recent statement of per David Gilmour revealed that “this album will be considered as a declaration of the dissolution of the band; however Pink Floyd corp. will remain in function”!
2)    Spy stories and the Zar!
After his well wrapped documentaries on Arafat, Fidel and Chavez, Oliver Stone flew last week to Moscow in order to meet with the political refugee Edward Snowden and the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr. Stone’s visit only scope is to finalise his newest projects:  the first is a film entitled “The Snowden Files”, telling the story of the person who unveiled and revealed to the press the mass spying of the American NSA (the National Security Agency) that is in an advanced phase; and the second is “The Zar a documentary on the Russian president, which is still blocked in a primary negotiating phase.
3)    For real or just propaganda?
The proposal of the Russian Duma deputy Yelena Borisovna Mizulina, has overcharged the web recently sending it almost in tilt. Here is what she suggested: “Every Russian female citizen shall receive via regular mail, the sperm of President Putin, to get pregnant and deliver a child. Those mothers will enjoy various fiscal tax relief generously offered from the government”.
The apparent similarity, of such a provocative idea, to the imaginary NAZZI dream projected on the silver screen as “The Boys From Brazil, would place a doubt about its veracity.
4)    And counting..
4960 deaths and 13200 documented cases of EBOLA. The latest figures released according to the WHO. (The World Health Organisation of course not the band)!

That’s all.. For now.

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