The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Blood Diamonds, Blood Uranium, and Blood Laws.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, March 5th 2014.
Have you noticed how violent we’ve become?
Have you realised how hard most developing countries are bleeding their strategic resources, while battling against all odds to reach a minimum of freedom and democracy?

The Latin American oil; North  & Central Africa oil, water, diamonds and radio-active minerals; the Balcans, South East Asian oil and geo-political position; and now the Ukrainian lands mainly for the oil and gas supplies, but as well for its vital importance to the Russian National Security in front of NATO bases stationed in neighbouring Turkey.

The old motto “Divide & Conquer” is still shaping the world and drawing borders. As it is completely dominating the ambitious hegemony plans, drawn by today’s colonial powers: USA, Russia, India, China and Israel.

And GLOBALISATION is the major conflict provoking factor; forcing us all to strongly hold on with teeth and nails on national, cultural, sectarian, religious identities and traditions more than ever before.. It is driving us back to a TRIBAL era, where societies would subdivide into many meaningless fragments; consequently, a social value like ‘Citizenship’ will be absorbed by the blind belonging to the family, the tribe, the clan, the pack..etc.
Every conflict on today’s earth is a direct, or indirect, result of this type of consuming GLOBALISATION. As it is practiced by various manipulative overpowering techniques and politics of twisting arms; it keeps feeding the undeserving ‘HAVES’, with the resources cleverly hustled from the ‘HAVE-NOTS’.

Following the news and seeing what horrors man is capable of committing against man, for whichever invented reasons (true or false, right or wrong, justifiable or not); I came to the certainty that Freedom and Democracy do not exist.. They are just like the glittering publicity lights of Las Vegas.. Giant words, in colourful neon-light, displayed on huge billboards, especially designed to amaze and stupefy the minds and eyes of the ‘Poor Ignorant’ wherever he may live around the globe. Perceived on purpose to sell him the illusion that a better world is possible and within reach!!

But the poor ignorant, armed only with tribal traditions, good intentions and out of date ideas; will have to make front with modernity, and respond to its cruel rules. Then, beaten by the bitter frustration and hopelessness, he will find himself obliged to fight against his peers reaching out for nothing else but an illusion.. Ironically, or tragically, he cannot realise that it is an illusion, until it is really too late.

Until he feels the heavy chains, locking his mind and body inside the burning flames of a hellish fire circle: The Ancient Laws of Blood.
Pass On The Word.

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