The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Verdict.

By: Ahmed M. ELNAHAS – Montopoli, January 28th 2013.

Justice is portrayed blind-folded just to convey its guaranteed permanent neutrality, that it doesn’t see WHO you are, that it is impartial and that we are ALL equal before it.

The court expressed itself, in what seem to have become the most delicate Public Opinion case; by distributing 21 capital sentences, subject to the mere formality of being reviewed by Egypt’s ‘Grand Mufti’!
Obviously I cannot discuss the reading of the sentence itself,  as the motivations by which the court has delivered its decision are not yet rendered public; and I even don’t know for certain what were the qualifications of the offenses in the original Public Prosecutor’s Accusation Act: “Premeditated Homicide or Manslaughter”.. However I do have some interrogatives to put here with regard to the merit of the trial itself, inviting you to find their answers:
a)      If the court decided to send 21 files to the Mufti, does that mean liquidating the defendants constitutional rights for the second grade before a Court of Appeal and third grade before the Court Of Assizes?
b)      Can we consider that verdict as a serene sentence, when it have been finalised and motivated in less than a year from the date when the offensive acts leading to the deaths of 72 Ahly fans actually did take place?
c)      Knowing that the Public Prosecutor’s must open the investigations, order the arrests, question witnesses and accused, formalise the Accusations Acts (per each accused).. And only after completing such laborious efforts, his office may forward the entire lot to be tried before a designed board of the referential penal court. Which in its turn would examine with care the case(s), witnesses, study autopsy and forensic reports, review security reports related to the events, examine the photos and films documenting the tragedy, analyse testimonies and weigh their seriousness, validate the arguments of the defense(s) attorneys and those of the accusation.. Can ALL that be done in less than one year? Serenely??!!
I strongly recommend that we should consider carefully the apparent reasons behind such a hasty and disputable verdict, in order to identify the real motivations which procured such a sad aspect of our country’s political decline, and I mean: “how Popular Lobbies can exercise enough pressure upon the Governing Bodies as to invite them to deviate ‘JUSTICE’ from its natural and constitutional course?”. An aspect that is staining our entire Juridical System, being the practical part of our “Legislative Authority”, independence of which should have been guaranteed and protected by the Constitution.
It is clear that the post-revolution governing bodies (Executive Authority: Presidency and Government) have fallen into panic and consequently pushed ahead the procedures to reach such an end, hoping to calm the waters and contain the growing anger of a largely frustrated population. A population that didn’t see a single positive outcome from 3 successive governments (1 military, 1 technique and e 1 semi-civil), a subordinate ‘Shoura Council’ assigned to operate without the effective equilibrium of a not yet elected ‘House of Representatives’ and in the hazy existence of a helpless and unorganised fractal opposition. Where all are roaming aimlessly inside the chaotic vortex made of repeated unconstitutional actions, laws and decisions.. Not realising that as such they are creating a bigger vortex of popular chaos that can easily be converted into an “Anarchic Violent Disorder”* regardless of to which banner it would loyally operate: Right, Center or Left. (Ultras and Black Blocks).
What I mean to say is that such a “Political Verdict” represents the total surrender of the ‘System’ to an orchestrated Demagogic Blackmail.. And the sad part is that such a blunt blackmail doesn’t come straight from the people’s minds, but from “other much more organised forces” manipulating simple individuals just by pushing the knife deeper into the bleeding wound.. And  to do that they use phenomenon like the “Ultras”**, or an exported movement like the “Black Block”.. (Since Camel riders didn’t quite finish the job).
This verdict condemns the system (as unfit to rule and govern) more than the defendants (as guilty).. Nevertheless it shouldn’t distort our vision or distract our concentration away from the initial objectives of an orphan revolution for which people have died, and are still dying.. Not only in that stadium, but back in January 2011 in the streets of Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, Ismailia, Port Said, Minia, Assiut, Qena, Luxor, Aswan, and Sinai.. And even far before that.. For all those tortured, raped, suppressed, falsely accused and imprisoned.. For those who got killed by the forces of an evil tyranny over more than six decades in these parts.
Pass On The Word.
*In that regard I invite you to consult my article “The Objective: A Country Called Anarchy and  a Government named Chaos” posted on February 16th 2012 in my blog:
**To know more, please refer to my article “Ultras” posted on February 14th 2012 in my blog:

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