The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

It's alive.

By: Ahmed EL NAHAS, Castelfiorentino January 26th 2012.

The photos you find herebelow designed a smile of pride and hope over that tired aging face of mine.. It's conforting to know that the Egyptians are committed to maintain the heat under the boiling pot of their "Revolution".. A revolution that the rest of the world considers a "Rebellious Upsrising"!

I know for sure that a "Coalition" is being silently concretised to unite together all the "Conservative" movements and political forces into a single front; guided by the Military Institution and attracting into its centrifugal acceleration profiteers and benefiaciaries, from new political amateur formations to other smaller parties, from subservient media to hired thugs, along with an internal security forces eager to regain its ferocity of iron hand control, all binded together to keep holding-on to a "parasitical survival", which is by the way a lot easier than taking a stand and uphold it at any cost and by any mean. All of that under the close supervisory observation of "International Interests".

I won't make it long because you know by now the true meaning of what's really going on..
Pray with me for the martyres, remember and never forget them or their sacrifices, and have my best wishes for a better tomorrow.

Pass On The Word.

The motto of the revival: "Bread, Freedom and Social Justice"

Cairo Tahrir Square the morning of January 25th 2012 at 10:00hrs.

The historical symbol of Cairo: Kasr El Nile bridge yesterday close to mid-day as new participants couldn't reach the already saturated Tahrir Square.

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